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HCG as a Life-Altering Hormone

Posted on : 24-06-2015 | By : Charles Graham | In : Weight Loss

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Human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, is a glycoprotein substance consisting of 237 amino acids, 92 of which comprise the alpha subunit with the remaining 145 distributed to its beta subunit. It has a molecular mass of 5.7 kDa.

HCG and other glycoprotein hormones like follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) luteinizing hormone (LH), and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) share a common alpha subunit and possess specific beta units unique to their G protein-linked receptors. HCG shares chemical similarity with LH and mimics its mechanical action, a relationship that has been useful in the development of medical therapies like assisted reproductive techniques and medical treatments of underdeveloped testes and inadequate testosterone levels. HCG binds to receptors on the Leydig cells, stimulating the production and release of testosterone in cases where the male is unable to produce normal levels of the hormone. Commonly known as the pregnancy hormone, HCG binds with the LHCG receptors of the ovary to maintain the corpus luteum and continue its progesterone production to support the implanting embryo. HCG performs a pivotal role in ensuring the viability of life in the first trimester of pregnancy.

The LH mimicking actions of HCG are applied in sports medicine to help athletes develop the desired muscle bulk and elevate testosterone production in cases where the body feedback mechanisms inhibit the luteinizing hormone from stimulating the secretion of the male hormone. HCG is popularly used as an adjunct to anabolic androgenic steroids, performance enhancing substances, which place the body on a negative feedback mode when injected in elevated levels. The body’s regulatory systems respond by shutting off the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis, resulting in the cessation of testosterone secretion. HCG has been beneficial in the relief of side effects linked to steroids usage and prevents deterioration that may arise from testosterone deprivation, including testicular degeneration in size and functions.

HCG is widely used in fertility therapies. It increases the probability of ovulation and conception in women, and treats male sterility when the cause is inadequate testosterone levels.
In recent years, the world is buzzing with the revival of the HCG Diet popularized by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, a British endocrinologist, who was the first doctor to recognize the function of the hormone in activating the hypothalamus to secrete excessive and abnormal fat deposits. Combining the low dose of the hormone to a 500-calorie per day diet, his study showed that the subjects lost fats instead of lean muscles. He endorsed the HCG Diet Protocol as a treatment for those who are suffering from obesity as it promotes rapid weight loss resulting from fat loss.

Side Effects of HCG Treatments

About 25% of women receiving HCG shots in fertility treatments experience mild forms of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) which include diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, bloating, and tenderness. There are rare cases of severe attacks, and symptoms may range from acute abdominal pain to serious breathing difficulties. Fluid retention and edema may also occur, as well as pain and tenderness in the breast. These side effects should end when the body learns to adjust to the HCG shots.

HCG injections can alter hormonal balance, affecting the mood of the patient as well as mental conditions. Irritability, restlessness, and depression are quite common.

Sources of HCG

The Human chorionic gonadotrophin preparations may be processed using the urinary source or through the recombinant DNA technology.

The universal availability of the urinary source makes it the sensible and preferred choice for the past decades. The process involves collecting traces of HCG in pregnant women’s urine, purifying, sanitizing, and processing the hormone into a potent preparation that’s fit for injection or administration into the body. Processing is done in an FDA-approved laboratory.

The HCG Diet Protocol – Is it Safe?

The HCG Diet Protocol is based on the model popularized by Dr. Simeons, with some modifications to ensure its safety and effectiveness.

There are now two available treatment options for the weight loss program – the HCG Drops and HCG Shots. Both are effective in treating obesity and promoting rapid weight loss when combined with very low calorie diets prescribed in the protocol.

The HCG shots typically require prescription and doctor’s supervision, which make it expensive and inconvenient for many.

The HCG drops are sublingual mixtures that may be administered at home by the patient himself, are affordable, and does not require prescription because it is not injected. The HCG drops have less, or none, of the side effects that are associated with HCG injections.

Our HCG Diet Protocol uses HCG Drops and delivers rapid and safe weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds daily when combined with our 500-calorie diet program. You are guaranteed to lose unsightly fats in buttocks, necks, hips, belly, and thighs, the areas where it matter most to your overall looks and confidence.

Our program is flexible; you can lose as many pounds as you want. It is sustainable, and with our guidance, you can continue to keep the pounds off and be fit for life.

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The basic things about military coins

Posted on : 11-04-2015 | By : Derek Swanson | In : Military

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When you hear the phrase military coins, you may associate it with liquor and the armed forces. Today however, these coins have been given entirely new meaning, and the most common one is that of a collector’s item. The reason for collecting these coins might vary from one person to another, some may just want them because of their fascinating history, while others just like collecting coins, and these would be perfect for their military sections. Whatever your reason why you want to collect this item, you should learn the basic things a coin has that they want to be included in their collection, and the easiest ways to get it.

military coins•  Know all the details of the coin you want to get – The design of the coin will be the factor that will decide the direction that you will take in looking for the military coins that you want to collect, because of the sheer variety of them. The designs on the coins issued by the different branches of the military are strikingly different from one another. For instance, one of the oddest looking, but hard to find version is a small replica of the air force’s bomber plane; which were only issued to air force bomber pilots.

•  Never hesitate to go on an auction-hunting spree – you can gain a lot of knowledge about certain types and variety of military coins when you go and participate in a coin auction. Even if you have to go out of town to find auctions dealing in these collectible coins, it is still an opportunity you should not pass up. Aside from getting an opportunity to see rare coins up close, you will also get loads of information about it as the auction runs its course, not to mention, how precious a coin up for sale is by observing how much the coin sold for after the auctioneer’s hammer hits the desk.

•  Find a respectable group of coin collectors – while the internet and your own personal efforts can give great results in finding the coin that you like, the job becomes much easier when you find yourself a group of coin collectors that you can ask about the kind of this item that you want to get. Gathering information about a coin you’ve been searching for will go smoother when you are a member of a community dedicated in collecting military coins. The activity inside these groups is a dynamic process that will give you positive feedback about the information that you need in a matter of minutes at a minimum.

•  Make an effort to find a military coins collection expert – people who have collected coins for a long time is another great source of knowledge that even the most extensively written article on the internet cannot provide about a certain type of this relic that you want to get. These experts can give precious advice to you about the coin you are aiming to have, and some do’s and don’ts on buying it that you cannot get from regular sources of information such as the internet and fellow collectors. Aside from this, an expert in collecting coins can give you an educated estimate about the market value of the coin that you want, and the place where you can get it, that fits your budget, another privilege that you will not gain from other less trustworthy informants.


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The design of the coin will be the factor that will decide the direction that you will take in looking for the military coins that you want to collect, because of the sheer variety of them

Garden City Homes for Sale and Its Place in the New York Real Estate Scene

Posted on : 17-02-2015 | By : George Maxwell | In : Real Estate

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When an agent or broker talks to you about the possibility of getting one out of the hundreds or thousands of Garden City homes for sale, then you can call yourself lucky especially if your perspective and budget are geared towards finding New York real estate that provides high returns and a great deal of convenience to its owner.

Garden City might just be a small village in Nassau County, but it is big in reputation. Most of the families here reside in large, beautifully-designed historic houses erected on sprawling lots that feature unique architecture. Many have regarded this village as one of the best places to live in the whole country while some have invested heavily on the village’s real estate scene because it has proven to be quite lucrative for them.

li realestatefinderFrom education and recreational centers to commercial spaces, Garden City does not disappoint. Not only do people reside here with confidence and peace of mind, many visitors also have rented beach houses that are very near to the Hamptons. If you are concerned about being close to a flourishing city like Manhattan, then this small village is the perfect place for you and your family. Most residents work in the big city and commute everyday by train and other modes of transportation available.

If it is serenity and comfort you are concerned about, then you can rest assured of your family’s peace of mind in this village of over 20,000 people. When people in Nassau County talk about li realestatefinder and how current property owners are doing in terms of their returns on investment, they have nothing but positive things to say. It is one of those rare cases of a win-win situation between a buyer and an owner because of the quality of life in this small village.

Truly a prime location, Garden City is surrounded by top-rated private schools. It also has its own school district serving village residents. There is an abundance of recreational and sports centers, not to mention a good number of commercial establishments.

Among its more popular places include the tree-lined Franklin Avenue where this affluent Long Island haven is deemed by both residents and visitors as “Long Island’s Wall Street.” If you have saved enough money to invest in a neighborhood that offers nothing but the best that life has to offer, then you will not be disappointed when you live in Garden City.

Contact a certified real estate broker to help you find the right property among a long list of Garden City homes for sale. Make sure that you are not rushed into buying a property that you are not 100% sure you like as you can miss out on other houses, condos, or villas that better suit your needs and preferences. You can also browse MLS listings to give you an idea of what kinds of properties are in store for you in Garden City.

Golfing the Affordable Way

Posted on : 09-02-2015 | By : Mary Murphy | In : Sports

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The economy is in turmoil these days and everyone is looking for ways to cut back on their expenses just to save a few bucks or more. Golfers are no different since they too are looking for ways in order to save up with the expensiveness of the game they are adept in playing. This can be hard, but not impossible because there are ways that you can join the still golf without having to spend so much money. There are tips you can follow.

One tip from a pro golf saver is to surf online and go to GolfNow. This website has over 100,000 tees and more than 4,000 courses and resorts that you can choose from depending on the budget that you have. Another way is to be flexible. There are deals that are available for players in every golf course and you will only be able to get them if you are flexible and sometimes, gold courses have promotional discounts that you can take.

cheap golf clubsBut if you really want to get practical and personal, you can do so by starting to save up with your equipment. Gold clubs are one of the most expensive tools in the game. And each of them comes with a prize that is not exactly practical. But that is not a problem when you have the passion in you, when your spirit is looking for the game and when you just know where to purchase the things that you need. There are cheap golf clubs if you look more, there are cheap apparels and many more.

Second and Save

It is understandable that people would want to the first users of the things they love but when you are looking at something that works the same as a new one, looks like a new one, but at a cheaper price, then there is really no point knowing who the first user is. Many golfers today are resorting to cheap golf clubs by buying second hand ones. Despite them being already used, many of these tools are good as if they are newly purchased. All you have to do is develop a keen eye. And if you are a beginner, you can ask a good friend of yours to check the cheap golf clubs if they are okay in the field.

Get it Online!

The other means of looking for cheap golf clubs is by checking trusted online shops. There are a million of online stores that sells various things, cheap golf clubs being one of these things. Purchasing in online stores these days is not something to be feared for so many people have been doing it for a long time and there are standards that these shops adhere to appease the hearts of their buyers. Rest assured that your orders will come to you in no time. Also, there is no hassle in buying from online shops since delivery is part of their service.

Go The Traditional Way

Do you perhaps know anyone who shares the same love of golf as you do? Someone who owns a complete set of golf must-haves? Then perhaps you can go back to the traditional way of borrowing things from your friends. Aside from the fact the obvious fact that you can save money, you will also be able to test out various types of clubs and other tools, hence giving you the idea of what brand you may want to purchase in the future. Just remember to return them in the same condition that you borrowed them. Also, do not be too much of a hassle them. Borrow only if they are not using, and do not do it all the time.

Golfing is a good game you can put your soul into. No matter what place you are from, or what status in life.

Badge Lanyards for Race Day

Posted on : 05-02-2015 | By : Jean Brown | In : Product

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Before even pulling into the long, paved entrance to Texas Motor Speedway, the sound of Indy cars rumbling and roaring can be heard from the track. The line to get into the Speedway is long, and the bright sunshine on this summer day promises a hot, trying day in Fort Worth. All the cold drinks are tucked away into the ice-filled, 32 gallon cooler beside a stack of lawn chairs in the bed of the truck. The mighty race tickets and VIP passes rest safely in plastic cases on badge lanyards that hang from sweat dowsed necks.

badge lanyardsBut the preparations for this day are a couple weeks in the making. Only two weekends before, the truck sat in the hopeful race attendee’s backyard, empty and lacking Race Day modifications and decorations. The plans were set, tickets and VIP passes waiting patiently on Race Day coordinator’s beside table. The first task was to find the badge lanyards, packed away in an unknown place after the previous year’s Race Day. Closets and both sheds outside were stripped and searched, but to no avail. Luckily, the Race Day coordinator’s wife collected lanyards in many different holiday themes, so the decision was made to take two Halloween and two St. Patrick’s Day themed badge lanyards.

The next task became a difficult one to accomplish, for a busy work week tore into the very precise schedule set to prepare, and Race Day modifications took much of the weekend and three long nights to finish. But the truck was grand when they called it done. A canopy rose from the truck’s bed to offer a shaded seating area, and the once missing tailgate was replaced with painted plywood, speakers and an old radio built inside of it for between race entertainments. A flag anchor above the wheel would serve to fly Old Glory while the truck rested within the glorious domain of Texas Motor Speedway.

Exciting and stressful was the week leading up to Race Day. The week consisted of several shopping trips for lawn chairs, a cooler, snacks, and drinks. Lanterns were unpacked from the sheds outside to be used when the sun went down on Race Day, but the parking lot parties would still continue to thrive. All the supplies piled up in the coordinator’s house. Badge lanyards still hung, waiting for the big day, in the outdoor bar, and the tickets and VIP passes still lay safely on the coordinator’s nightstand.

The night before Race Day became a Friday that could define the meaning of T.G.I.F. Supplies got loaded into the truck after tests and final tuning of the modifications made the grade. A beer was enjoyed to celebrate the closing of the workweek, and the handing out of the badge lanyards, tickets, and VIP passes turned into a fantastical celebration of Race Day eve.

The next morning came with a full pot of coffee and doughnuts, and off to the races they were!

In the sweltering Fort Worth heat, windows roll down to hand over passes to the Speedway’s ticket taker. The truck made slow progress down the drive to the track, but eventually a parking spot became crowned as the truck’s final destination. Canopy rolling out and offering cover in the relentless, sun drowned Speedway parking lot, chairs unfold while the breakfast coffee disappears, and the cooler with cold drinks get prime seating.

Badge lanyards keeping torn ticket and VIP pass stubs safe, Race Day is enjoyed with good company, cheering fans, and fast, screeching Indy cars.

If you want your Badge lanyards to have an elegant, finished appearance, woven polyester lanyards are the perfect solution.

Storage container in the self-storage industry

Posted on : 02-02-2015 | By : Jean Griffin | In : Logistics

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Not everyone has a huge garage area to store stuff they don’t need on a daily basis. Many people need a secure place where they can store their belongings that have no room in their houses or workplace. For this reason, companies have developed a solution to put these things away without really having to throw them away. This unique service is called “self-storage”, whereas a storage container serves as a garage away from home.

Storage containerSelf-storage, also known as “mini storage”, is an industry where individuals are offered spaces that they can rent on a short-term basis. It usually comes with a monthly leasing contract similar to that of renting an apartment unit. Sizes of containers depend on the choice of the renter, and as a general rule: the more space is acquired, the higher the cost of rent is.

A storage container in a self-service storage business can function as a multipurpose facility. Anyone can store almost everything inside these boxes such as: (1) speed boats, (2) cars, (3) unused (but still working) office and home appliances, (4) important documents, (5) household furniture, and (6) other household goods. However, items inside the containers are not covered by the facility’s insurance as agreed upon contract signing between the company and the renter.

Some of the popular features of this service, on the other hand, are: (1) personal locks, (2) automatic entry gates, (3) surveillance cameras, (4) security alarms per unit, (5) monitoring stations based in strategic corners of the facility, (6) keypad-computerized access to safety lockers, and many other complementary services. It is secured from theft as tenants have their own lock and key, and no staff can access their containers.

Aesthetic appearance of the facilities can influence perceptions of tenants on the safety of their belongings. So to attract tenants, many self-storage companies are designing their storage cubicles with attractive architecture and landscaping. Consequently, a better looking storage container creates trust among consumers and businesses.

The mini storage industry started in the 1900, when Martin Bekins decided to start and operate a temporary storage renting business. This first mini storage company, named Bekins Moving & Storage Company, served many families who were relocating at that time. Many people were moving during those years since changes in life such as marriage, divorce, death, and migration keep on taking place. In fact, these life transitions are still realities today so self-storage services remained alive until this very day.

The modern self-storage industry that utilizes the storage container as we know it started during the 1960s. These containers have durable, heavy-duty materials that are conducive for storing all kinds of items. It can withstand any type of weathers and extreme temperature making it a safe storage for almost every item.

Although this industry has remained a low-profile business throughout the years, self-storage areas keep growing in number all over the United States. There are approximately 50,000 self-storage facilities today that offer storage services for many different purposes. Some of these businesses are located in traditional industrial areas and in nearby residential neighborhoods to cater families and individuals.

Nowadays, the storage container has been used for more than just for storing stuff when relocating. Many individuals came up with its other uses such as putting a small boxing gym or a band practice studio inside the storage (although not all self-storage facilities permit that). Many offices also use this service as a temporary storage location for important business papers. This has become a very convenient way for corporate people to organize their documents since some office buildings are just too crowded for additional chaotic stacks of paper. Individuals put everything in self-storage, which is why the self-storage industry is foreseen to remain in operation for years to come.

Moveablecontainer allow for a more flexible way of moving than what most of us are used to.

The Effects On Employee Engagement Across Industries

Posted on : 02-02-2015 | By : Kathryn Hinson | In : Technology

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The most successful businessmen know that success comes from within. This is the same concept that they apply in the companies that they run. What this translates to is the acquisition and maintenance of employees who have invested themselves into the business. A happy employee is not always an engaged worker. A happy worker may not be a diligent worker. It is even possible for workers with positive attitudes to fail in providing a productive work effort. This is why it is necessary for companies to have regular practices that foster employee engagement.

There are different ways to improve a workers office life from extracurricular activities, additional lifestyle facilities, and even regular bonuses but these do not ensure one’s engagement. A larger degree of effort from the management is necessary to keep employees engaged. But what does this mean anyway? Basically, engagement is an attitude of workers wherein they have a certain investment in the company and this is what drives them to make an effort not only for themselves to succeed but also for the business to thrive.

Employee engagementAn engaged worker is someone who will willingly work after hours to complete a project. This is also the employee who will work extended hours without having to be asked. Putting in the extra effort is in his second nature because he is focused on the end result, the ultimate goal, and that is for the company to reach its targets and grow. This is why much importance is placed on the concept of employee engagement.

Given the nature and attitude of the engaged employee, you can see how big of an impact it can make on a company and its operations. Starting with productivity, the more engaged workers are, the more productive they become. The more productive they are, the more they accomplish in a shorter amount of time. The more engaged they are, the better their efforts are. The better their efforts are, the more the company achieves in terms of quality results. All in all, the employee benefits from the positive result but the company benefits even more from the generated outcome.

Success does indeed come from within. With adequate practices in line with the maintenance of employee engagement across industries, not only will the workers and their employers benefit from the delivery of quality work and the generation of results that are highly satisfactory but this in turn will translate into the increase in client satisfaction. When the clients are happy, the company can expect to see more loyal patrons and return customers. They can also expect to see referrals from these happy buyers. These will then translate to the generation of more sales and a higher period income. With a higher level of income comes a higher degree of profitability and eventually an increase in the returns that shareholders enjoy.

This is the basic business framework and it all starts with a goal, a fair policy, and engaged workers. In reality, this is the best way to achieve sustainable streams of income. It will surely take a bit of time and effort but the results speak for themselves. There really is no need to rush profits because if they were generated from undesirable efforts, they will not be able to hold as much value as if they were gained from this cycle of work.

This is why something like employee engagement should not be taken for granted. It is not something that is worth ignoring because when the right courses of action are taken, this can mean a ton of benefits for all of the people involved.

The Basic Process ofMaking the Inner Core in PCB Fabrication

Posted on : 31-01-2015 | By : Elsie Hamilton | In : Electronics

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There are some differences in procedures between making a home-made DIY printed circuit board (PCB) and manufacturing it in large quantities. This article will discuss the basic process of making the inner core of a design during PCB fabrication when made in large quantities by a professional manufacturer.

The first step in inner core PCB fabrication is making the design or layout of the board. Usually, this is done with computer-aided design (CAD) software. Previously, before CAD programs were invented, the layout is manually drawn and traced on a substrate board. The manual process is a lot more time-consuming and labor-intensive but it is still being used today, albeit very rarely, only in home-made PCBs with very simple designs.

PCB fabricationThe industry accepted output format of a CAD PCB design is called Extended Gerber (RS274X). The Gerber format is a two-dimensional vector picture format that illustrates the different parts of a PCB design such as the copper layers, holes, legends and masks. It contains the whole illustration of a PCB design with no need of other supplemental files. This means that it is a standalone file that describes PCB layers completely. This makes manufacturing a lot easier and faster.

After the file is validated by a process engineer, the design is now ready to be photo-tooled. For modern PCB fabrication companies, the use of a device called photo plotter is common. The photo plotter converts the Gerber file into a hard copy image by using lasers to print it on a film. The film is developed to be used for mass production.

Only one layer of PCB design is printed in a single film. For multi-layered PCBs, several films are put on top of each other and aligned to create the final layout.This final layout is then registered into an imaging device.

Meanwhile, the PCB base or board is also being prepared. The base is usually made of fiberglass for strength and easy manipulation. A cheaper alternative is a phenolic board. The base is coated with copper either on one side only (for single sided laminate) or on both sides (for double sided). Multi-layer configurations are the typical mass produced PCBs, and it requires a more complex process of photo imaging.

In this instance of making the inner core of a PCB, the fiberglass base, copper coatings, photo resist, and the resulting printout containing the prepared designs are stacked on top of one another and pressed with strong UV light to solidify the external coating and show the copper patterns.

The hardened board is then drenched with a chemical to soften the exterior for etching. After etching, the board is cleaned, dried, and made sure that no unwanted photo resist and printout stayed.What remained now is a board covered with the etched photo resist, in which underneath it is the designed copper pattern. The exposed and unnecessary copper pattern is again etched away to leave the photo resist pattern. Finally, the photo resist is peeled off to display the designed copper pattern on the board.

The basic board is now finished. This basic board is used as the inner core for multi-layer PCB configurations.

In multi-layer PCB fabrication, once the basic board or inner core is loaded in the production line for assembly, any errors in the output can no longer be revised. Because of that, a thorough automatic optical inspection (AOI) is done either manually by certified company engineers or by a computer scanning program. Any inaccuracies are immediately shown after the scan for correction before mass production.

The process of making the PCB’s inner core is just the initial phase of producing a consumer-ready PCB product. Some of the subsequent processes are bonding (for multi-layer), drilling, plating, soldering, and testing, all of which are necessary to provide the best and most efficient product.

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